bts taking over america (as they should)

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seokjin myfeels

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Shared February 28, 2020

part 2 coming soon!!!

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what do you think they feed bts to make them act like this in the united states? seriously like what is in LA that drives these kpop boys wild like id love to know id love to get myself some of that. so like what do you guys think of map of the soul: 7 ? seven? seven years seven members like i want to cry!!

in addition to that, the dance for ON was so amazing like it is actually too much to handle i cant believe they dance that hard i am so impressed every time i watch them and it makes me want to learn the dance but like i cant dance as well as them are you kidding? i think i would be on the ground breathing for days if i tried to dance like that it is absolutely unreal but at the same time im still gonna try and learn it hahahahahahaha

to piggy back off that, the music video was crazy lit but im not gonna lie the theories kinda got me messed up like what does the shell mean with jungkook?? why is jungkook running?? what is jungkook running from?? and why is j-hope like not in the music video world for a second when he raps and also whats up with jungkook in the back?? also yoongis rap verse was absolutely iconic and also namjoons noahs ark vibes idk man its a lot and also like while im at it like what is up with all the references?? like we got movies and we got tv shows and we got bird that are shot by arrows and then we got those birds coming back to life in jins cage and then flying away at the end i JUST DONT KNOW AHHHHHAHAHAHHHAHAHAHHAHAHAHA

to continue on that point, what is with the birdbox thing with taehyung and like that little girl and like jimin and his story line like i dont even know where to begin on that one AND WHY IS JUNGKOOK RUNNING AND LIKE WHAT IS WITH THE DREAM REFERENCE AT THE END I JUST WANT ANSWERS BIGHIT LIKE I AM DUMB PLEASE SPELL IT OUT FOR ME alright thanks so much for watching the video i really appreciate it hehehe byyeeeeee