Palm Trees, Procedural Tree Generation & Infinite Ocean | Unity Multiplayer Game Devlog #34

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Tom Weiland

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Shared June 27, 2020

In this Unity multiplayer game devlog, I modeled a low poly palm tree, implemented procedural tree generation, and made my ocean infinite.
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In this devlog I modeled a low poly palm tree (during my first livestream!), and then I implemented procedural tree generation so that I don't need to manually place every single tree. At first I thought this would be quite difficult, and at one point I even considered abandoning procedural generation altogether, but once I got out of my head and actually started writing code it was fairly straightforward.

Then I made the ocean infinite. In reality, the water plane just moves with the camera now, but that makes the water appear to be endless. I also improved the camera's submersion detection by removing its reliance on an approximation, so the water fog actually gets enabled and disabled properly now.

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