ateez moments that fry my chicken

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seokjin myfeels

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Shared March 12, 2020

link for wit!!!

tbh i was going to title this video moments to help me get through self-quarantine, or ateez moments that prevent the end of the world but that seemed insensitive. everyone stay healthy, wash those hands, and stay informed!! we love you πŸ’œπŸ’œπŸ’œ

so like ateez is so chaotic there is nothing else to really say about it except that i love them all? should i just list out some iconic ateez quotes like i might have to... nah i wont do that its a lot of work but please message us on wit we have a lot to discuss and now i have a lot of free time considering i am just being sent home!! anyone relate!!

also anyone notice how that even though we are doing an ateez video we are still able to sprinkle some bts in there?? hahahah that is so iconic of us honestly like we just love these groups so much but we love a lot of groups and yeah maybe we include them as much as possible in other videos but its hard when ur so dedicated to all these groups and i really think that despite all this our ability to make sure bts is included says a lot idk im just proud of bts too and i dont want anyone to forget that so

also it would bt nice for everyone to go look up the clips of bts watching ateez perform because THAT is a good watch jimin and hobi are so impressed the whole time like thats awesome that we have this bonding........ plus it turns out that ateez members are friends with a.c.e. members and thats the kind happiness that i need right now so basically stan ateez stan bts and stan a.c.e im pretty sure thats the message that i am going for

lets get into the video i really hope you like it because it took a lot of work and we just want to do right by the ateez members like all in atiny all things a to z 8 makes one team eight makes 1 team and thats basically all i have to say on that

anyway now join wit

can't wait to see you there!!

now stan ateez

back with bts in america pt 2 next week (hopefully)

love u