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seokjin myfeels

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Shared February 17, 2020

I promise no disrespect to pengsoo I love that big guy!!! ALSO massive shoutout to miintae for the hard to find footage... go search miintae for all your bts content needs

I just wanna say pls turn on post notifications because otherwise you might not know when we post! How fun of this platform… also follow us on twitter n instagram, both @/seokjinmyfeels

so like I really love hoseok I think I have a problem because he is all I think about most of the time like I have homework and friends and a job that I just cant focus on because hobi exists and I cant function knowing that he is out there and I am not currently giving him the world like what else can I do except go cry into my man pillow… life is hard

how are you celebrating hobi's birthday?? I’m gonna make some brownies I think and rewatch his dance stages and think about carpool karaoke coming up its gonna be a good month


I think i am looking forward to moon the most but also how could i pick when i literally know nothing about the new songs... mad disrespect to home and mikrokosmos though i cant believe they got chopped but i guess bighit had to do what bighit had to do.... we all know jin is taking over soon anyway so let them have their fun

anyway see you again in a few days if we are able to keep this weekly trend going but i wouldnt get your hopes high considering we are bad at this okay love u (sorry that was gross) bye