this video will make you fall in love with all 8 members of ateez

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seokjin myfeels

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Shared October 29, 2019

stan ateez !!! also follow my personal twitter (@yoonkmns) im trying to find some more ateez mutuals okay !!!!! actually tho ateez are so talented and amazing and deserve soooOOOOooo much!!!! i said it!!!

if you haven't watched our other ateez video that is a guide to the members here it is (recommend starting there hehhe):
(its a little outdated but it still does the job)

if you are looking for things to watch to get into them, i recommend their two variety shows they did on M2 (long journey and treasure film) plus their logbooks on the official ATEEZ channel and they also have a bunch of random videos from entertainment youtube channels that are really funny oh and their weekly idol episodes (2) omg i could just go on hehe!

anyways have a good day, stream desire, stream wonderland, stream make it right and be on the l00k out for a special halloween video too hehe ;)