New Graphics Cards to Rain on PS5 Parade - WAN Show June 19, 2020

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Shared June 19, 2020

** Some weird freezing at times. Not sure what happened, but hopefully will have it sorted out for next stream **

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Timestamps: (Courtesy of Aryan Singh)

1:44 Intro
2:46 Nvidia Is going to change ti
18:28 Battlefield V on Intel Xe Gpu

23:42 Raspberry Pi 4 with Pci

28:04 Amd Ryzen
32:44 Problem Fixed
37:48Amd 5700Xt Compatible with any mother bard
38:42 Sponsors
41:42 LTT Store Promotion
43:22 Boston Dynamics New Robot
51:25 Superchat
58:32 Intel makes Gen2 Optane
58:16 Tournament of LTT
57:58 Superchats
1:07:16 3d Sen released
1:10:12 Superchats
1:14:24 About Cameo