Modern Classics Summarized: 1984

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Shared February 24, 2017

It's the mother of all dystopias! Long before YA dystopia rose to power, before the age of Young Attractive Heroes who Rebel Against The State and Also Find Love, there was just Winston Smith - a middle-aged man in poor health who Rebelled Against The State and Also Found Love. It just ended much less prettily for him.

1984 codified most of the modern dystopia tropes - absolute control of the media, black-bagging people who spoke out, and a lot of popular terms like "doublethink", "big brother", and "thought police". Unfortunately, a lot of those terms got stripped of context and thrown around for the sake of Extra Edge, and as a result they get used a little haphazardly. And there's nothing Red hates more than misused terminology, so here's the video outlining the ORIGINAL meaning of 1984!


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