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Shared December 17, 2018

Answers to questions you never asked.

(0:07) Status of Kony in 2018
(0:33) Were those tattoos real?
(0:54) Is Kony actually as bad as they say?
(1:22) Why did Jason snap?
(5:30) What on earth was that musical?
(14:33) TO SKIP THE MUSICAL (timestamp in the video is wrong)
(14:34) A bit about Jon M. Chu
(16:11) The car incident
(17:42) How did Invisible Children start?
(18:38) What was Uganda's response to the video?
(19:18) What's up with that Moreno Ocampo guy?
(22:56) Why don't they just big-boom device Kony?
(24:47) Where'd the money go?
(28:16) What about that video with the guy drinking?????
(30:10) What was Kony's response?
(30:58) Were there any arrests over the vandalism?
(31:18) Why is George Clooney LARPing as the CIA?
(32:27) Where is Kony right now?
(34:44) Show me more dumb clips


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