Legends Summarized: King Arthur

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Shared February 2, 2018


For a mythos so universally well-known, there's not actually much in the way of a *canon* for King Arthur. Some people will smugly inform you that the Sword in the Stone isn't Excalibur; some will equally smugly tell you that the stone was actually an anvil. Is Merlin a druid, a wizard, a demon, a time-traveler? Is Morgan Le Fay Arthur's sister, nemesis, lover, all of the above? And where the hell does Mordred fit into all this? To answer these questions, let's go all the way back to the beginning and trace how this mythos grew and evolved as it moved from writer to writer and culture to culture. And this is a long one, so strap in, folks!

Would you believe there's no guitar tab for "C'est Moi" anywhere online? So inconsiderate.

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