Horizon - Les chemins de la censure

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Shared January 22, 2019

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Horizon chapter 5
The paths of censorship: reactance

Technician proposes to Gull to further explore the island, focusing all his attention on a mysterious forest called "The Censored Forest". But Technician's excitement is cut short by a brutal refusal from Gull who orders him, not without threat, never to set foot in there. Even more intrigued, Technician decides to commit the forbidden and go alone to explore this region without knowing that this journey will change him deeply, for better or for the worse.

This chapter deals with censorship, but isn't about censored objects, nor about its practice or its actors, but about the psychological effects it can have on the individual. Censorship can be translated as deprivation, and in that can generate a reactance. The psychological reactance, highlighted by Brehm in 1966, is a state of tension or motivation that appears in a situation where the individual is deprived of choice, freedom, possible action or 'a behavior.
It is from the perspective of reactance that we will interrogate censorship in this chapter.

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00:00 Introduction
06:49 Streisand effect
14:53 The reactance
25:51 Shortcuts and biases through reactance
35:13 Reactance as a Manipulation Technique
44:18 The Exploiters of Censorship
56:53 The heart of the Censored Forest
1:06:01 End credits