evidence bts is *actually* athletic

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seokjin myfeels

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Shared July 13, 2020

alternately titled "get bts to the olympics"

i like had a vision for this video but it kind of fell apart so here we are i hope you can still enjoy it... also if its not obvious bts are like extremely fit and athletic and this video is supposed to highlight more of their fun athletic side... because i plan to make a video about them absolutely flopping in these games as well so stay tunned for that!! but seriously these boys move their bodies in ways i can only imagine so watching them perform like this like oof yes go off athletic kings... and the way jungkook wins everything and is just so good at everything omg his power... how does he have those kinds of abilities like was he gifted with magic when he was born bc i can barely run for five minutes straight but i guess thats why we gotta send to the olympics like why not!! kings could win gold medals imo!!

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also KTH1 is coming so get ready to full send for that bad boy!!! love u kim taehyung and if anyone can explain to me what the 16-minute long video ateez posted is all about that would be amazing i am not smart and therefore cannot put theories together!! please spell it out for me thank you!!

okay bye bye