Crash Team Racing microtransactions are worse than I thought.

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Shared August 12, 2019

Crash Team Racing Nitro Fueled now has microtransactions. The prices are live, and they are horrific. Welcome to modern gaming,

Watch the first video about the Crash Team Racing microtransactions here:



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Crash Bandicoot was getting microtransactions, but now HAS microtransactions. Crash Bandicoot. A 90’s platforming mascot from the original PlayStation. Crash Team Racing Nitro Fueled has microtransactions. Activision. Come on. Despite my insane postive reception and praise for the game at launch with my Crash Team Racing Nitro Fueled review, they finally went and did it even though the internet at large have ridiculed and criticised them. Shame on you, Activision. Just the phrase ‘Crash Team Racing microtransactions’ - a PS4 game in itself that’s a remake of a 20-year-old game for the PS1 - AND A CHILDREN’S KART RACER - is something I can’t believe I’m even saying. The very idea of this existing is sickening enough, but taking into considering how dragged through the dirt microtransactions have been recently in games you’ve already spent money on, it’s confusing. And even worse considering you didn’t only already spend a hefty amount of change on the game, but ALSO Activision decided to do this after everyone already played hours and hours of the game and loved it with plenty of a positive CTR review around the place - Nitro Fueled review after Nitro Fueled review - THEY THEN DO IT. After all the positive reception. After all the reviews have dropped, and after all the original game mechanics, wumpa coins, pit stop shop and nitro points from the brand new Grand Prix system have already been established and balanced around the game and how rewards work and are unlocked. Slowly but surely, starting with new rewards and purchasable costumes and karts in the pit stop shop that are THOUSANDS of wumpa coins more expensive than they used to be, now all the kids are being picked on by Activision and stupid greedy corporate overlords to cough up even more money. I can see the entire game balancing being pushed in the microtransaction’s favour and patience of all the players that are already obsessed with the game being tested. And it was brilliant as it was. I wasn’t happy before, but now they’re live, oh boy. I almost feel bad for my PS4 review of CTR. But eh, what can I do other than rant even more now the story has gone full on insane. N Sane. Haha. Sorry, this isn’t a laughing matter. The microtransaction prices are stupid and ridiculous, so watch me get angry at them. This will, hopefully, be the last time I talk about CTR microtransactions, unless they all of a sudden vanish.

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