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aju NICE

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Shared February 17, 2019

Hello Carats !

I started editing videos out of fun lately. I hope you enjoy this and the coming content aswell. This video is not meant to offend Jun or Seventeen in generel. I really Love Seventeen and especially Jun. He's my ultimate Bias tho. I stan a lot of groups actually but Seventeen captured my heart in a storm. So did Jun. When i first saw him i just tought " oh he's really handsome" ( thats was at the time when i learned about every member). Then i watched a lot about him and he captured my eye more and more. He has such a cute personality and in my opinion is one of the purest human beings i know about. Since I, myself, get stressed out really easy, he is kinda a role model to me because he always seems to be in a good mood, seems to be carefree the most of the time and is still a hardworking idol. I wish him to always be happy and im really thankful for all the times it made me happy to just watch him. Sadly im an international Carat, so maybe i will never be able to thank him in person, but i'll keep supporting him from the far as good as i can.

Also i got inspired for this by the BTS habit series of Squishy Min Yoongi. I really loved her videos and when i discovered Seventeen for me i searched for this kind of content of them. Since i coudlnt find such videos i wanted to do it by myself and randomly started editing. Here is the link to Squishy Min Yoongi's channel:


So i kinda want to make a Habit video for other members too ( in the best way for all of them but im a lazy potato lmao) But if u want to see another Member's habits just tell me in the commentsection down below. It would be really interesting to see wich member would get the most votes.
If you want to know from wich show the clis are or what music i used dont be shy an ask !

None of the clips used are mine and all rights go to their rightful owner.