Et tout le monde s'en fout #23 - Les valeurs -

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Et tout le monde s'en fout

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Shared May 11, 2018

- WARNING : this video looks for giving a meaning to your life.

You can find your values too ​​with this little game:

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A series created by Fabrice Boni and Axel Lattuada
Written by Fabrice Boni, Marc Boni and Axel Lattuada
Produced by Mia Productions / Christophe Baudouin
Directed by Fabrice de Boni
Interpreted by Axel Lattuada

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Music credits:
- "Burn the world" Jérôme Rebotier and Pascale Salkin
- "The world is mine" Jérôme Rebotier and Pascale Salkin

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