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Shared August 16, 2019

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Malta, the Island of A Dozen Empires, chilling in the middle of the Mediterranean Sea, is one of the most social butterflies in History. Having played host to or fought against every major power in the Mediterranean, this island bears a gorgeous architectural and linguistic record of its past, and is still a treasure to behold in the modern day. I've covered a lot of nations and empires in my time here, but between the rich cultural blends, the overflowing artistic treasures, and the Still-In-One-Piece-ness of it all, Malta may have one of the strongest claims to being the Winner of History in my book. What's so special about Malta? Watch and find out!

NOTE on 7:00 - 7:08 — I'm cheating the time-scales a little here. This church, the Rotunda of Mosta, was actually built mid 1800s. Malta's lavish church construction continued nearly unabated from C. 1565 to the modern day, so I use this example here — but St Paul's Co-Cathedral in Valletta, shown from 6:27-6:33 is a better example of pure original Baroque construction. Honestly, all of the churches in Malta deserve a look if you're curious.

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