Oneus moments i think a lot about #2 || CRACK

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aju NICE

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Shared July 12, 2019



Im alive oh no-
And im here with another Oneus Moments Crack as u can see from the title well... Since their comeback they dropped so much content i could'nt resist doing another one tho -
As always this video is not meant to be against Oneus ! I love them with my whole damn heart !

As for the Seventeen habit series : I will continue them too but they take way more time to make ( also i need to research a lot etc) And i dont want them to turn out rushed or half assed made tho. Im saying this cuz i got asked often to continue etc, i will, but it probably takes some time since im also an human and i dont earn money with my videos too its just my hobby tho, but ill try my best to ctach up as soon as possible !! but this month i have Birthday and at the end of the month i'll go on a trip and then i will attend the Stray Kids Concert here in Berlin at the start of August so a lot stuff is going on whoops !

anyways have a nice day my fellow Too Moons, Carats, Atinys, Stays etc etc etc. and follow me on twitter i need interactions !