Simple Self Refilling Automatic Potion Brewing Station For Minecraft 1.14.4 (Tutorial)

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Shared August 11, 2019

Always have a double chest of potions on hand with this self refilling potion brewing station that is super easy to build and only takes up 3x5x7 blocks of space and can brew up to 4 ingredients! The design is also tile-able so you can put different types of potion stations right next to each other. Please remember to leave a like if you found this helpful!

*** There's an intermittent issue where one of the droppers won't fire. I show a fix/explanation here:

World Download:

Materials Needed:
4 chests
7 hoppers
1 brewing stand
4 droppers
2 comparators
2 repeaters
6 redstone dust
1 sticky piston
1 redstone torch
2 observers
16 solid blocks
1 half slab
ingredients for the potion to be brewed (plus blaze powder and water bottles)

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