Héroïsme et Bromance - Achille, le relooking mythologique FT. LE FOSSOYEUR DE FILMS NEXUS VI PILOTE

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C'est une autre histoire

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Shared November 27, 2018

Muscle, sweat, honor, love but also some good old lame jokes as we do so well, that's what's in this new mythological makeover, about the great hero of the Trojan War, Achilles.

To talk about pop culture, I have wonderful guests: François Theurel a.k.a le Fossoyeur de Films, the team of the Nexus XI and Nico for the channel Pilote. A great thanks to them for the work and above all for the cool moments spent together, go check their channels!!
It has been a long time since I released a makeover because of the end of my thesis, which was tight, and this ep asked for a lot of work (filmed this summer) so I count a lot on your shares and likes/supportive comments if you feel like it! I wanted this episode simple on purpose but a bit punk as far as montage is concerned.

Nexus VI:
Le Fossoyeur de films :
Pilote :

A great thanks to them for the technical help too, as well as to Bart who filmed the shots with Nico at the Historiques festival.

The uber cool music is done by OTAAM, which you can listen again here:

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To watch the bonus video who contains holidays bloopers, and honestly there's a giid laughing material (let's say we are huge bozos), either you can tip, I give the link as a counterpart, or you can look for the hidden URL. Beware, you must look carefully not to confuse the letter "L" in lower case with the number 1. Here's the hint:

It's a dopey hint, but you have to be loopy. DOPEY ;) [litteral French: "It's a smokey hint, but you need to have the head in the air. SMOKEY"]

If you read this description until the end and you want to let me know, we have a little game with the subscribers: you can use this sentence in the comments that I designed to make a huge mutant with all our channels: "C'est un autre fossyeur de pilote VI".

I'm sending you big kisses and another great thanks for all your support!!

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