Chicken Pudding and Other Desserts Around the World

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Great Big Story

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Shared July 24, 2020

We’re sampling seven desserts in seven countries in the latest episode of “Around the World.” Great Big Story senior producer/dessert fiend Beryl Shereshewsky likes to surprise us. So she went on a global dessert hunt and found some of the sweetest treats the world has to offer. Among them: Turkey’s tavuk göğsü, aka, chicken pudding; alegría, a sweet Colombian coconut delight; wagashi, an intricate Japanese confection that’s almost too pretty to eat; and France’s gâteau à la broche, cake cooked over an open fire. The one thing all of these desserts have in common? Lots of yum.


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This story is a part of our Flavors series, where we do so much more than play with our food. Come with us as we dive into deliciously different and tastefully off-beat stories in the culinary world.

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