SVT vines that make me less sad

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Seventeen's Niji

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Shared November 12, 2018


Another SVT vines video because these are the best and easy to make lol I'm just really lazy and enjoy making these, and I know you enjoy watching them because I do and I watch my vines videos a lot lol I'm evening thinking about not making more cracks... It's a lot of work and when I think about making them I can't watch SVT videos in peace because I have to think if it would be good for a crack or not, it doesn't let me enjoy the video I'm watching ;-; And I haven't make a crack video in a while... so... yeah, I don't know.... Still, I'm trying to think about other videos and stuff I can make ^^

*I don´t own the edits/vines/videos used in this video.

*I actually don't use twitter so I took them from Instagram. They have the users of the twitter accounts. And these are the IG accounts where I found the videos, and they are the ones that made the majority of them: @seungcheolist - @svtbruv - @haothug - @pandawithnojams - @globalwoozi - @mingyu_latte - @jihoondaily - @svt.nowadays - @iconicsvt - @sunshine_hoshi - @joshuwu_hong - @svtvernon - @squishykwon - @jeonghans_sunflower - @bunchofsvt - @hansolshairline - @snatchedsvt - @globalseventeen - @vibesvt - @sebongsteen - @jeongholi - @ethereal.svt - - @jeonnghann - @bunchofsvt - @snatchedsvt - @idkytm_ - @seungcheol.scarrot - @annoyingyu - @pleadis_17carat - @dailydoseofsvt - @goinqseventeen - @hansolshairline