Alexander Raffini's Space Engine Chill and Sounds

A work in progress. Everyone has a motive for having a channel. Money, attention, popularity, and genuine feel to spread knowledge. For me it's simple. I have a pc, love Astronomy, and have a need to connect with people that have similar interests. This will never grow immensely because of limited editing experience but mainly its becoming a common subject and its not controversial. It's fun to do and SE is amazing. Sure the planets after a while seem to be all the same and although beautiful it does have limitations. I know enough to educate a little, but this is not what its about. It's about the Title, description story, and music and sound effects. The quality is good but not great. If I do have one wish is for people to discuss topics regarding where humanity can go if we can get past human narcissism. Some here will be more knowledgeable than I while others may know a little less. Learning facts, understanding fantasy and establishing theories is what this is all about.