kooflex [was jamjamj]

faq! :) -what do you edit with? sony vegas pro! -who is your bias? it changes a lot.... ot7 things! -what made you start a channel? i became a fan of bts in 2018 from listening to their music and watching other bts content creators. i wanted to do the same and make myself and others laugh all the while loving and supporting bts. so i made a channel a few months later and now i'm here! :) BUSINESS INQUIRES: kooflexyt@gmail.com thank you so much for 800k subscribers. i do not deserve this at all. i'm sososo grateful to have you all here. i love you and bts loves you! you nice, keep going ♡ IF YOU HAVE A PROBLEM WITH MY CONTENT OR FIND ANYTHING I SAY PROBLEMATIC OR IGNORANT: please email me with any concerns! link the video and the time stamp where anything that bothers you or feel would bother others occurs. i want everyone to enjoy my videos and want to keep everything fun all the while keeping the message of my videos kind and light-hearted. thank you!