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My name is Isaac Carlson and I am happy to present WOTSO VIDEOS! I am focused on spreading magic and positivity by discussing Disney and other magical stories. I discuss fun topics for fun people. From Disney to Pixar to DreamWorks, I create content on the franchises that have left a massive impact in making my life more amazing and provides a place where you can learn and theorize about your favorite movie worlds. I hope you enjoy! If there’s questions you want to see answered in a video, let me know! This channel is as much for me as it is for you so I appreciate your thoughts. I hope my content that you find on my channel can brighten your day and if you like it enough and want to stay up to date on our videos then remember to subscribe! Thanks for watching Wotso Videos and have a magical day! I post on TUESDAY and THURSDAY so make sure to check back for more Disney videos! Any business inquiries? Email me here: wotsovideos@gmail.com


How I Would Fix Frozen 2

Wotso Videos

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Experiencing Frozen 2 In VR!

Wotso Videos

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